Tom Henry

"I work from my studio in Symington, South Lanarkshire. I have always painted throughout my teaching career for my own professional development and satisfaction.

I work primarily in oils although I enjoy exploring a broad spectrum of media. My work is mainly figurative and tends to fall into two categories; the invented which looks at life's little struggles from my own viewpoint usually with a little self-indulgent humour and from life which until now has meant mostly portraiture. I love painting and the effects that you can achieve with just a few colours and I feel that my art will always be more about the journey than the destination." Tom Henry

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Tom Henry Curriculum Vitae

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Tom Henry Image Gallery - Available Works

  • All In The Same BoatAll In The Same Boat
    All In The Same Boat
  • The Blind Leading The BlindThe Blind Leading The Blind
    The Blind..
  • Crash Bang TootCrash Bang Toot
    Crash Bang Toot
  • MariachiMariachi
  • Pole DancersPole Dancers
    Pole Dancers
  • Two Toots & Yer OotTwo Toots & Yer Oot
    Two Toots & Yer Oot

Tom Henry Image Gallery - Archive

  • Clowns To The Left Of MeClowns To The Left Of Me
    Clowns To The Left Of Me

Curriculum Vitae

Tom Henry

Born in 1961

1979-1983 studied at Edinburgh College of Art under Sir Robin Phillipson and went on to gain a teaching qualification at St Andrew's College of Education.

Entered teaching 1984 and taught in schools in Fort Augustus, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

1984 joined the Royal Navy Reserve working primarily with cadets and at the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth as a Divisional Officer on the annual summer courses.

After a period of ill health, gave up full-time teaching in the summer of 2004 to pursue a career as a professional artist.


Stenton Gallery, East Lothian
Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow
Broughton Gallery, Broughton
Stripped Art Gallery, Edinburgh
Rubyorange Gallery, Biggar
Panik Gallery, Killin
Christo’s Gallery, Glasgow
Pink Gallery, Helensburgh
McKenzie Gallery, St Andrews
The Line Gallery, Linlithgow
Affordable Art Fair, London

With our contemporary art gallery in Glasgow City Centre, we at Tracey McNee Fine Art aim to supply quality mid-career artists' works to the discerning collector. The gallery exhibits varied works with an emphasis on high quality figurative oil paintings from Scottish artists.

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