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Iram indeed is gone with all its Rose,
And Jamshyd's Sev'n-ring'd Cup where no one knows;
But still the Vine her ancient Ruby yields,
And still a Garden by the Water blows.

from The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (translated by Edward FitzGerald)

The pigment pattern of the skin of Vitis vinifera varies from light greenish yellow to russet, to pink, red, reddish violet, or blue-black; the juice is generally colourless, although some varieties have a pink to red colour, and the flavour varies from quite neutral to strongly aromatic

from Encyclopedia Britannica

"As the title suggests, this is a body of work about wine - about making it - the pruning the gathering and the pressing, the fermenting and the processing.

These paintings are the result of a fifteen month stay in the wine-making commune of Marigny Brizay in the Haut Poitou. Marigny lies on the slopes of a low chalky escarpment that rises above a great chequered plain full of sunflowers and maize that stretches southward from the Loire for mile upon mile. We stayed there as a family.

The vineyards that I was mostly painting belonged to the Chateau des Roches. Others belonged to Ampelidae (

The paintings are about the whole of the wine-making process - and they form a loosely-structured narrative, but they are not a scientific documentation: they are a re-working of the aspects that I found were the most visually exciting. Some of these are nostalgic, like the hand-picking of grapes. Some are not, like the industrial and chemical processes that go to make the wine - an explosion of energy which takes place at the grape harvest each year.

I don't think that the paintings are specific to Marigny or Chateau des Roches, or even to France. They are about wine-making itself, which is much the same the world over. They are a celebration of the labour that produces the wine.

Colour. Colour and line preoccupy me more and more as I work on these paintings. Black is a colour that I took out to France from Scotland, and light yellow-green - the colour of the buds - the colour of the Vienne - is the colour that I brought home to Glasgow.

Quite a few of the larger paintings, in particular, are based on the triptych form. Sometimes there is an obvious triple division of the surface, sometimes you have to look for it more carefully. The triptych is a form which has always interested me. It enables you, within the context of one work, to present multiple views. There is no one way to look at things - no one truth." Jonathan Meuli

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Jonathan Meuli Image Gallery - Available Works

  • A Garden By The Water BlowsA Garden By The Water Blows
    A Garden..
  • In The Fire Of SpringIn The Fire Of Spring
    In The Fire Of Spring
  • How Little While..How Little While..
    How Little While..
  • Where I Made OneWhere I Made One
    Where I Made One
  • Amber ColouredAmber Coloured
    Amber Coloured
  • Alternate Night And DayAlternate Night And Day
    Alternate Night And Day
  • He Bid Me Taste..(I)He Bid Me Taste..(I)
    He Bid Me Taste..(I)
  • He Bid Me Taste..(II)He Bid Me Taste..(II)
    He Bid Me Taste..(II)
  • ..The Blowing Rose..The Blowing Rose
    ..The Blowing Rose

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  • Specific YeastsSpecific Yeasts
    Specific Yeasts
  • Best From The EastBest From The East
    Best From The East
  • Not Too DryNot Too Dry..
    Not Too Dry..
  • Commonly Called FoxyCommonly Called Foxy
    Commonly Called Foxy
  • In A Cold RoomIn A Cold Room
    In A Cold Room
  • Secret Well Of LifeSecret Well Of Life
    Secret Well Of Life

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  • His Darker DraughtHis Darker Draught
    ..His Darker Draught
  • A Moderate ConsumptionA Moderate Consumption
    A Moderate Consumption
  • Daughter Of The VineDaughter Of The Vine
    ..Daughter Of The Vine
  • In A Winding Sheet..In A Winding Sheet
    In A Winding Sheet..
  • Among That Earthen LotAmong That Earthen Lot
    Among That Earthen Lot
  • It's Origin Is UnknownIt's Origin Is Unknown
    It's Origin Is Unknown

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  • A Snare Of PerfumeA Snare Of Perfume
    A Snare Of Perfume
  • Many Knots Unravel'dMany Knots Unravel'd
    Many Knots Unravel'd
  • Made Into VermouthMade Into Vermouth
    Made Into Vermouth
  • Lip To LipLip To Lip
    Lip To Lip
  • A Little Hour Or TwoA Little Hour Or Two
    A Little Hour Or Two
  • Cooling CoilsCooling Coils
    Cooling Coils
  • Morning Of CreationMorning Of Creation
    Morning Of Creation
  • Of Superior Quality..Of Superior Quality
    ..Of Superior Quality
  • So AncientSo Ancient
    So Ancient
  • Crushed And StemmedCrushed And Stemmed
    Crushed And Stemmed

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  • Kindle To LoveKindle To Love
    Kindle To Love
  • Light Dry WhiteLight Dry White
    Light Dry White
  • Vitis ViniferaVitis Vinifera
    Vitis Vinifera
  • You DrinkYou Drink
    You Drink
  • Ancient MethodsAncient Methods
    Ancient Methods
  • Bearing A VesselBearing A Vessel
    Bearing A Vessel
  • One By OneOne By One
    One By One
  • Wild YeastsWild Yeasts
    Wild Yeasts
  • One Glimpse Of ItOne Glimpse Of It
    One Glimpse Of It
  • Like SnowLike Snow
    Like Snow

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  • Marigny Brizay IXMarigny BrizayIX
    Marigny BrizayIX
  • Marigny Brizay VIIIMarigny Brizay VIII
    Marigny Brizay VIII
  • Marigny Brizay VIIMarigny Brizay VII
    Marigny Brizay VII
  • Marigny Brizay VIMarigny Brizay VI
    Marigny Brizay VI
  • Marigny Brizay VMarigny Brizay V
    Marigny Brizay V
  • Mrigny Brizay IVMarigny Brizay IV
    Mrigny Brizay IV
  • Marginy Brizay IIIMarginy Brizay III
    Marginy Brizay III
  • Marginy Brizay IIMarginy Brizay II
    Marginy Brizay II
  • Marginy Brizay IMarginy Brizay I
    Marginy Brizay I

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  • The Stars Are SettingThe Stars Are Setting
    The Stars Are Setting
  • The Juice Is GenerallyThe Juice Is Generally...
    The Juice Is Generally...
  • Wih Logic AbsoluteWih Logic Absolute
    Wih Logic Absolute
  • The Chosen StrainThe Chosen Strain
    The Chosen Strain
  • Magic Shadow ShowMagic Shadow Show
    Magic Shadow Show
  • We Phantom FiguresWe Phantom Figures
    We Phantom Figures
  • Come Fill The CupCome Fill The Cup
    Come Fill The Cup
  • An Angel ShapeAn Angel Shape
    An Angel Shape
  • Secondary FermentationSecondary Fermentation
    Secondary Fermentation
  • Bouquet Or AromaBouquet Or Aroma
    Bouquet Or Aroma
  • The Skilen TasselThe Skilen Tassel
    The Skilen Tassel
  • Lighter In Body..Lighter In Body
    ..Lighter In Body

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  • SweetSweet
  • Eqyptian InscriptionsEqyptian Inscriptions
    Eqyptian Inscriptions
  • That Yellow CheekThat Yellow Cheek
    That Yellow Cheek
  • No Such Aureate EarthNo Such Aureate Earth
    No Such Aureate Earth
  • A Door To WhichA Door To Which..
    A Door To Which..
  • Played The InfidelPlayed The Infidel
    Played The Infidel
  • Mainly Red & DryMainly Red & Dry
    Mainly Red & Dry
  • In That Old Potter's ShopIn That Old Potter's Shop
    In That Old Potter's Shop
  • One More Impatient IOne More Impatient I
    One More Impatient I
  • This Delightful HerbThis Delightful Herb
    This Delightful Herb

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  • One More Impatient IIOne More Impatient II
    One More Impatient II
  • The Literature Of ManyThe Literature Of Many
    The Literature Of Many
  • The Seventh Gate IIThe Seventh Gate II
    The Seventh Gate II
  • Entire Crushed grape..Entire Crushed grape
    ..Entire Crushed grape
  • Seventh Gate ISeventh Gate I
    Seventh Gate I
  • Dawn Of ReckoningDawn Of Reckoning
    Dawn Of Reckoning
  • Rolling Heaven ItselfRolling Heaven Itself
    Rolling Heaven Itself
  • Qualities Of Table WinesQualities Of Table Wines
    Qualities Of Table Wines
  • The Nightingale CriesThe Nightingale Cries
    ..The Nightingale Cries
  • Throne Of Saturn..Throne Of Saturn
    ..Throne Of Saturn

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  • Louis PasteurLouis Pasteur
    Louis Pasteur
  • Semitropical ConditionsSemitropical Conditions
    Semitropical Conditions
  • Within The Tavern..Within The Tavern
    ..Within The Tavern
  • Some Buried CaesarSome Buried Caesar
    Some Buried Caesar
  • The Cork StopperThe Cork Stopper
    The Cork Stopper
  • With Shining FootWith Shining Foot
    With Shining Foot
  • Cut From The VineCut From The Vine
    Cut From The Vine
  • Star-ScatteredStar-Scattered
  • Grand CruGrand Cru
    Grand Cru
  • Oaken Cooperage..Oaken Cooperage
    ..Oaken Cooperage

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  • Wash Out A WordWash Out A Word
    Wash Out A Word
  • This Earthen BowlThis Earthen Bowl
    This Earthen Bowl
  • Springs UnseenSprings Unseen
    Springs Unseen
  • When Overripe..When Overripe
    ..When Overripe
  • Honey, Herbs, CheeseHoney, Herbs, Cheese...
    Honey, Herbs, Cheese...
  • A Noose Of LightA Noose Of Light
    A Noose Of Light
  • Once Did LiveOnce Did Live
    Once Did Live
  • Not WaterloggedNot Waterlogged..
    Not Waterlogged..
  • Turn Down An EmptyTurn Down An Empty..
    Turn Down An Empty..
  • Enologists Do Not AgreeEnologists Do Not Agree
    Enologists Do Not Agree

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  • A Blind UnderstandingA Blind Understanding
    A Blind Understanding
  • Cool Temperatures..Cool Temperatures
    ..Cool Temperatures
  • Causes Of Spoilage I..Causes Of Spoilage I
    ..Causes Of Spoilage I
  • ..Causes Of Spoilage II..Causes Of Spoilage II
    ..Causes Of Spoilage II

Jonathan Meuli Image Gallery - Archive

  • Durch Not Und FreudeDurch Not Und Freude
    Durch Not Und Freude
  • Hell SuspendedHell Suspended
    Hell Suspended
  • Light TrafficLight Traffic
    Light Traffic
  • Loch EtiveLoch Etive
    Loch Etive
  • Many Great WorksMany Great Works
    Many Great Works
  • Mugdock OneMugdock One
    Mugdock One
  • Mugdock TwoMugdock Two
    Mugdock Two
  • Of Good And EvilOf Good And Evil
    Of Good And Evil
  • Raising The PriceRaising The Price
    Raising The Price
  • TruceTruce

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