Stephanie Rew

"I strive to capture a moment of reflection within my paintings, using the model as a universal symbol that everyone can relate to, and I endeavour to put a heart and soul into my figures without the need for narrative.

I have been very influenced by the Old Masters style, technique and approach to oil painting, especially the work of Caravaggio and Raphael.

Recently I have been looking at the society portraits of James McNeil Whistler and woodblock prints of the Japanese Ukiyo, and have become increasingly interested in pattern and design as well as depth and form, and have embarked on a series of works combining these attributes.

Born in Carlisle 1971 and raised in Edinburgh, I trained at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, Scotland and, and soon after graduating in 1994, won the Elizabeth Greenshield Award. Since then I have been exhibiting solo shows annually in London and Glasgow and have many paintings in collections throughout the UK as well as in USA, South Africa and Australia.

I currently live with my husband Tom and little boy Cameron in Edinburgh." Stephanie Rew

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Stephanie Rew Curriculum Vitae

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Stephanie Rew Image Gallery - Available Works

  • White KimonoWhite Kimono
    White Kimono
  • Floral Kimono PanelFloral Kimono Panel
    Floral Kimono Panel
  • Red & Gold Panel IIRed & Gold Panel II
    Red & Gold Panel II

Stephanie Rew Image Gallery - Archive

  • Scarlet KimonoScarlet Kimono
    Scarlet Kimono
  • White Silk Kimono - Butterfly ObiWhite Silk Kimono - Butterfly Obi
    White Silk Kimono..
  • White Silk KimonoWhite Silk Kimono
    White Silk Kimono
  • Floral Kimono Hair UpFloral Kimono Hair Up
    Floral Kimono Hair Up
  • Floral Kimono Standing IIFloral Kimono Standing II
    Floral Kimono Standing II
  • Floral Kimono StandingFloral Kimono Standing
    Floral Kimono Standing
  • Red Bustle IRed Bustle I
    Red Bustle I
  • Red Bustle IIRed Bustle II
    Red Bustle II
  • Red OrchidRed Orchid
    Red Orchid
  • Top HatTop Hat
    Top Hat
  • Sleeping Recline Panel IISleeping Recline Panel II
    Sleeping Recline Panel II
  • Scarlet & BlackScarlet & Black
    Scarlet & Black

Curriculum Vitae


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting), Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, Scotland 1994

Solo Exhibitions

Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow 2007
Just Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh 2004
Old Chocolate Factory, London 2003
The Bloxham Galleries, London 2001
Sussex Arts Club, Brighton 1998
The Aldridge Gallery, Edinburgh 1996

Group Exhibitions

Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003.
Coburg House Studios Event, Edinburgh 2006
Randolph Gallery, Edinburgh 2006
Oisin Gallery, Dublin 2006
Glasgow Art Fair 2007, 2005, 2004
Edinburgh Art Fair 2006
Holman, Fenwick & Willam Law, London 2005
Coburg Studios Collective, Randolph Gallery, Edinburgh 2005
Soiree D’Art, Chateau de L’Cappelle, Dordogne, France 2005, 2004
Artifex Gallery, West Midlands 2005
The Albemarle Gallery, London 2004
Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow 2003
The Old Chocolate Factory, London 2002
Valentine Show, Bloxham Galleries, London 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999
New Artist Collection, John Lewis, Oxford Street, London 1999
The Kingfisher Gallery, Edinburgh 1997
Degree Show, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee 1994
The royal Scottish Academy Student Exhibition, Edinburgh 1993


Artlink International Young Art Prize (Sotheby’s) Finalist   2003
Elizabeth Greenshield Award, Montreal, Canada   1995


The Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh
Lord Wraxhall, Tyntesfield Estate, England
Ayub Khan-Din, London

With our contemporary art gallery in Glasgow City Centre, we at Tracey McNee Fine Art aim to supply quality mid-career artists' works to the discerning collector. The gallery exhibits varied works with an emphasis on high quality figurative oil paintings from Scottish artists.

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